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Shoot for the moon, I always say.

piece by piece Is Right For You If…

  • Your new years resolution was to read more, but you simply cannot commit to a whole book.

  • You want to make things but spend your life watching Insta stories instead.

  • You too carry a torch for Dr. Quinn and Mandy Moore’s self-titled album.

  • You helped raise me and want to give my ego a pat.

  • Your favorite thing is saying, “I liked her before she was cool,” and you are willing to read literally anything if it means one day possibly getting to utter your phrase.

  • You’re a writer on Younger, and you’re genuinely trying to portray New York Publishing as accurately as possible.

  • You miss your college writing work shop and I seem like a “free spirit” who might have a list poem or two up her sleeve.

  • You’re awake at 4:30 am, and you’re 90% the robust barking sound is coming from my house (I’ll never tell!).

  • You had me at hello.

piece by piece is is a loving newsletter meant to spread curiosity, joy, and a spirit of creative generosity. The world needs art and it needs people to create it and even if I don’t know you or you’re not a writer or you hate writers, I believe in you and think you have something to contribute. Please don’t review any of my books on Amazon.


My name is Emma, and if you don’t know me personally and are reading this then we’ve already accomplished something. I am an Executive Editor at Little, Brown’s Voracious imprint specializing in illustrated non-fiction, an author, and a lover of Hallmark’s Good Witch. I live on Martha’s Vineyard with my husband, Kevin, with whom I share a 15% discount at Cronig’s market and a dog named Freddie Mercury.

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