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piece by piece is is a loving newsletter meant to spread curiosity, joy, and a spirit of creative generosity. The world needs art and it needs people to create it and even if I don’t know you or you’re not a writer or you hate writers, I believe in you and think you have something to contribute. Please don’t review any of my books on Amazon.


My name is Emma, and if you don’t know me personally and are reading this then we’ve already accomplished something. I am a Senior Editor at HarperCollins who specializes in non-fiction, a writer, a Brooklynite, and, most recently, a Hawk Beholder. I live with my partner, Kevin, who I will be referring to here interchangeably as “my desert rose ” “my prince of darkness” and “Kevin”. For more information on me, feel free to check out my website. For more information on Kevin, feel free to check out his biography.

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